Fumoto Drain Valve

The F-103 Fumoto Drain Valve that’s on my Nissan Xterra.

I remembered when I was browsing for mods for my Xterra I came across this object. I knew immediately that I had to buy it because it’ll make my oil change a breeze. No more jacking up the car, struggling taking the drain bolt off and making a mess. I can now just slide the oil pan under the car and just reach for the valve and open it. Here’s a list of pros and cons you should think of when buying a Fumoto Drain Valve.

Why you should buy it? I’ll include my personal experience.

  • Makes changing oil a breeze. I no longer need to jack up the car to get under and take the drain bolt off, I just put the oil pan under the car and just reach for the drain valve.
  • Well made quality with limited lifetime warranty. Never had an issue during my 10 years of ownership.
  • No need to buy or replace anymore crush washers.
  • Comes with a synthetic washer. I never needed to replace the washer, never had an issue or a leak after I installed it.
  • No mess, no need to worry about the oil splashing onto your hand when taking off the bolt and the ability to connect a hose to the tip.
  • Accidentally overfilled? Simple, just go under your car and open the valve and release some fluid.
  • Need to take a fluid sample? You can just open the valve to collect some sample instead of draining all of your fluid.

Downsides to a Fumoto Drain valve?

  • Not recommended for car with low clearance or if you offroad and constantly scrape the bottom of your car. The Fumoto Drain valve does hang a little lower on the oil drain valve so you do have a chance of it snagging on something.
  • Slower draining due to the reduced hole size. Not a big inconvenience, I’ll let it drain while take off my oil filter and do other maintenance.


In lock position.

In open position.

Has a ball valve.

The synthetic washer.

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