Clear Silicone Paste

I drove around everywhere in town looking for clear silicone paste and unfortunately, no one locally sold any. Lots of people on youtube swear by clear silicone paste, and I was looking to apply it to a few areas such as sway rubber bushing and caliper pins. So I ordered it online.

3M 08946 Clear Silicone Paste 8 oz

What properties of silicone paste makes it so special?

  • Used for lubricating and preserving rubber parts
  • Does not swell or soften rubber compared to hydrocarbon based grease
  • Corrosion-inhibitor
  • Water Resistance

What application do people apply this to on cars?

  • Since it does not swell  or damage rubber. People apply it on window weatherstrips, o-rings and rubber bushings such as sway bushings to prevent wear.
  • Function as lubrication so apply it to plastics or rubber for tight fitting applications.
  • Functions as dielectric grease, apply it to the spark plug rubber boot. This help the rubber boot slide onto the spark plug, seals the rubber boot and preventing the rubber from being stuck onto the ceramic.
  • Helps install gaskets. Have difficulty making a gasket stay and seat in place? Apply some silicone paste, it has a sticky texture that acts as a lubricant and sealant to help with the installation.
  • Works amazing on caliper pins, prevents moisture, provides lubrication and prevents rubber swelling. Note: Make sure its silicone paste and not grease.
  • Makes installing and removing future light bulbs easy especially when they burn out and melt.

What are the downsides of Silicone paste?

  • Collects dust and dirt and then become abrasive, as a result it can wear down the rubber
  • Difficult to clean off because of its water resistant properties
  • Can clog injectors
  • On any surface that you are prepping to paint, paint will not adhere to silicone paste
  • Max of 400 degrees. Anything above 475 degrees it volatilizes.

Thick gooey texture that is almost similar to silicone caulking but this does not dry.

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