How to Install a Nissan Flip Key

So over time your Nissan key might break. Yes, the head part will somehow crack, it has happened twice to my Nissan Xterra keys. So what can you do with the cracked key? Upgrade it to a Nissan flip key! If you’re like me and like to save money I’ll show you the most cost effective way to installing one.

Supplies Needed 

What does the Nissan flip key look like? 

When its closed

When its opened

Next to the remote

Converting your old key to the Nissan Flip Key

1. Use your precision Philips screw driver to remove the 3 screws from the back.

What it looks like inside. It comes with a piece of foam that can be discarded.

2. Open and remove the circuit board from the keyless entry remote.

Start by inserting a flat screw driver into the remote and prying it open. I twisted the screwdriver clockwise to the side to open it up.

Take out the circuit board.

Transfer the circuit board into the flip key.

3.   Installing the battery into the Nissan flip key.

Use a precision flat head to remove this metal bracket. It took a little bit wedging everywhere on the bracket to loosen it. So you might have to do that too.

Install the bracket onto the Nissan flip key and then the battery. I highly suggest you use a new battery. Why do the work twice? Remember to put the positive side down on the battery.

Here’s a close up of a small plastic nub/guide that sticks out and where it suppose to go in the metal bracket.  Make sure it goes in that area so the metal brackets align with the circuit board contacts.

4. Removing the transponder from the original Nissan Key and installing it into the Nissan flip key.

Get your razor blade ready. I suggest you be really careful and patient.

Start by slowing taking small slices from the left side of the key (Left side when the logo is facing on top). Eventually You’ll see a small transponder. Take your time with this process. You don’t want to damage the transponder or cut yourself.

Eventually a small rectangular transponder will appear. Slowly clear any of the plastic in front of it off to see the dimensions.

Once you clearly see the dimensions. Slowly slice small pieces starting from the top of it and make your way down.

Once you have enough clearance. You can push it out or pull it out.

The Nissan transponder once taken out.

Use the glue of your choice to install the transponder into the Nissan flip key. Its important to use glue so it does not fall out of place. If it does fall out of place, then you have a high chance of your car not starting. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere.

There’s a small tray made for the transponder. Make sure you put the flat side down on the transponder so the surface will adhere eventually.

5. Get the key cut. 

I took the key like this to Lowes to get it cut. I kindly asked them if they would be able to cut it. The person wasn’t sure if it would work. He would need my original key to check. So I gave him my working OEM Nissan key. Then he took my blank key and cut it for me free of charge. Your mileage may vary. Some locations won’t cut it, some will. Remember always be courteous if they don’t want to cut it. Try another location.

6. Assembling the Nissan Flip Key.

This might be the hardest part. You have to wind the key. I winded it counter clockwise twice. Hold it down and then put the cover on. Note: The spring has two different ends. The bottom of the spring that goes onto the black plastic has a long piece that comes out. It goes into a small gap.

7. Admire your work.

Go and test the key. Here’s what it looks like in my Nissan Xterra.

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