[SOLVED] Dota 2 static, cracking, and broken sound [Windows 11 upgrade]

Update: This issue happened again after upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11

I decided to reformat my computer and reinstall everything. Usually when I reinstall Steam, it’s an easy process.. When I finally did open up Dota 2, the music and character talk was all static sounding. At first I thought maybe it was the sound driver or video driver.  I tested this out by playing a  random YouTube video and it played fine. Which makes me think this is only isolated to Dota 2. What I’ve tried:

  • Reinstall sound driver. No change.
  • Reinstall my video driver. No change.

What worked to my surprise was the “Verify integrity of game files” feature in steam:


Step 1

Right click the Dota 2 in the library and the click properties

Step 2

Click “local files” tab and then click “verify integrity of game files”

Step 3

Wait until it’s done validating.


For me, after the files were done validating it says I had 198 instances of files that were invalidated. It re-downloaded those files and when I opened Dota 2 the crackling noise disappeared. Update: It looks like it no longer tells you the instances and files that are effected. The window will say validated and then it’ll redownload the effected files.



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  1. Thank you man. I had this issue while running Dota 2 in windows 11 and verifying integrity of game files did really fixed it. I reinstalled drivers and nothing helped but verifying integrity of game files fixed it for me. I was gonna go back to windows 10 LOL.


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