Unboxing Outlite S1000 Flashlight Review



For my holiday shopping I had flashlights in the back of my head. Why you ask? Relatives were stuck using an old fashion flashlight that required 6v battery and they were complaining about how the battery was always dead when it was put to use. I came across a 2 pack Outlite S1000 flashlight on Amazon which were on sale for less than a 6V battery replacement. Here’s my review on these flashlights.

TLDR: Yes, buy it. 

  • Exterior feels sturdy and solid
  • Bright
  • Has 5 modes if you decide to toggle the power button such as high, medium, low, strobe and SOS
  • Battery life is really good. I actually left it on for 5 hours straight and it still had plenty of life left after.
  • Light weight
  • The housing that holds the battery feels cheap.


The box the flashlights came in.

When the box is opened up. Taadaa~

Contents of the box. It’s nice that they include AAA Alkaline batteries and additional rubber O-rings.

Flashlight disassembled.

The power on button is on the bottom of the flashlight.

The downside is the battery housing. It feels really flimsy. Kind of feels like they melted plastic forks to create this housing.

This flashlight requires 3 x AAA batteries which is included.

To my surprise it was really bright considering its size and price. You can change the projection by pulling the head out and in. I was able to leave the flashlight on for 5 hours and it still looked like there was plenty of life left. Sadly, I didn’t test it any further because I was tired of the bright flashlight being on at the middle of the night so I turned it off.



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