Logitech Z906 and Wall Mounts

I remember one time my cousin bought Logitech Z5500 speakers from eBay. I was blown away by the sound quality. So when Black Friday came and I saw the Z906 on sale. I went ahead and bought it! To my surprise the Logitech Z906 did not come with any stands to mount to the wall. Luckily Amazon.com has a set of 5 wall mounts called VideoSecu 5 Black Deluxe Speaker Mount Brackets for Walls and Ceilings 1XZ” for a reasonable price.


The Almighty Logitech Z906


VideoSecu 5 Black Deluxe Speaker Mount Brackets for Walls and Ceilings 1XZ





The mounts come in a package of 5.


Each comes individually packaged like this. The wall mounts are made from really sturdy plastic.


It comes with all the screws and mounts you would need.


Here is what it looks like mounted on the wall. Some might think the speakers come out too much but you always have the option of shortening it by removing the center piece.

Overall I love the Z906 speakers, clear and crisp sounds. The VideoSecu wall mounts were great too. They feel really sturdy, came with everything I needed and did its job.

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