Upgrade A Netgear AC1450 Router to AC1750 (R6300V2)

I recently bought a refurbished AC1450 router. I heard these router were identical to the AC1750 it is just that they use different firmware. A lot of these were refurbished because of the crippled firmware. What most people do is flash the AC1450 with DD-WRT or the AC1750 R6300v2 firmware. What I did was just flashed it with DD-WRT since it was easier and you get DD-WRT of course.




 Here’s the directions I followed that worked for me that I got from a slickdeal post. Please flash at your own discretion because I do not provide any warranties 😀 :

  1. Do a router reset.
  2. Flash the router with this DD-WRT firmware made by Kong: Link
  3. Do a router reset again.
  4. Flashed it with this firmware: Link
  5. Do a final router reset.

So far the router is really stable and functioning fine. Great range and speed too!

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