How to reset TPMS Nissan Xterra

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to reset or relearn your Nissan TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)  sensors without any expensive tools. Why take it to the dealership when you can do it for cheap or free?

You first need to find these tools:

I used this tire pressure gauge to help me set the tire pressure. It’s pretty accurate and handy!  I’ve used it relearn my TPMS several times and it worked each time.

Tekton Digital Gauge

1. First set the tire pressure to the following in the diagram:xterra


2. Locate the TPMS plug. It’s usually under the steering wheel and wrapped in black electrical tape.



3. Get a skinny paper clip and put it through the back of the plug with the white wire. I put it through the back because it has better contact with the wire.



4. Put your key in the ignition and turn it to the last click before the engine starts.Or push the push start button twice. This is the KOEO position (Key On, Engine Off).

5.  Tap the end of the paper clip on any exposed ground (metal) 6 times within 10 seconds of turning ignition on. I just tapped it to the metal that’s holding the OBDII port. Even though it’s not grounded as mentioned in the instruction it worked for me. So it should work for you too!


6. If you completed step 5 then the TPMS warning light will start to slowly flash and you have activated the TPMS relearn process. If it flashes and then stays solid after a minute then check your connections, turn the ignition off and start over at step 4.

7. Once you confirm the lights do not stop flashing, step on the brake and start the car. Do not turn the car to OFF position. Start driving >25mph until the light goes out. It could take as long as ten minutes but for me I drove for 1 to 2 miles and it turned off.

8. The light will quickly come back on due to the low tire pressures. Refill your tires to the correct pressure.

If your TPMS lights keeps coming back on even after the relearn then you might need to replace your TPMS. You can read about my replacement experience here.