G502 scroll wheel no longer scrolling smooth fix

Once I gazed my eyes upon the G502 in 2013 I knew I had to buy it. Coming from the Logitech G9X  back in 2009 and experiencing free-scroll feature the first time, I fell in love with it and knew I could never use another mouse without that feature.  The ability to scroll from a bottom of a website to the top with one flick of the scroll wheel was so handy. After using the G502 for a couple of years, the free-scroll was no longer scrolling smooth. It’ll free-scroll a little and stop. Determined to revive the free-scroll ability back to my mouse, I decided to open it up, clean the mouse wheel, and apply lubrication. This article will show you how I did that.

What you will need


How to Fix

Step 1

Remove the bottom plate


Step 2

Remove Weights

Step 3

Use the 3/32 flat head screw driver to remove the mouse feet. If you’re trying to savage the mouse feet so you can reuse it, you can carefully pry one end of it and slowly use your hand to lift off the remainder.  Sadly, for me the mouse feet detached from the sticky part so be careful.

Step 4

What it will look like after you get the mouse feet removed. The 4 screw driver holes should be exposed. Then go ahead and remove the screws with the Philips PH00 bit.

Step 5

Once all the screws are removed, use the flat head screw to pry open the G502 from the rear bottom of the mouse. In between the matte texture and shiny texture.

Slowly and carefully pry it open.

Slowly move your way to the front.


Step 6

Once you have loosen the cover you can fully separate it. I used two hands starting from the rear of the mouse.

Step 7

Admire the internals and then get cleaning! There’s a lot of dust and years of build up inside the mouse wheel and axle. Be sure to remove all that trash.

Step 8

Apply silicon lubrication on both sides of  the axles.

Step 9

Reassemble, tighten the screws, and apply the new mouse feets. Enjoy your restored love for the G502.



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