Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Earphone Experience

My personal experience with cheap headphones were mediocre.  They weren’t anything amazing and sounds were just only okay at best. So I decided to buy an expensive Panasonic Zirconia Headphone for around $100 when it was on sale from $200. The headphones were good with clean and crisp sound. Sadly the right earbud died so I needed a replacement headphone. I did my research and everyone was recommending the Xiaomi Mi Hyrbid Earphones.

Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Earphone

I was skeptical at first. I lost my trust in cheap headphones but I decided to give it another shot since it was recommended by lots of people when I did my research. So after a few days the headphones came in and I was surprised.

  • The construction of the headphone wire was sturdy. Lots of coworkers complimented the wires when I told them to test out the Xiaomi Mi headphones.
  • The earphones fit into my ear fine and  were comfortable. I didn’t need to change the stock tips.
  • The media button worked for my Android Oneplus One phone.
  • The mic on the earphone was able to pick up my voice and friends complimented on how clear I sounded.
  • My first impression of the sound wowed me. The sound was clear and crisp. At first it was a little more bassy than my previous headphone. After running the headphones for 20 hours the bass has subsided.


I highly recommend these headphones. At first I was expecting to be let down by a low price headphone but to my surprise I didn’t know a headphone under $25 can be made with such quality and wow factor. Try them but be careful where you buy them. There are lots of fake Xiaomi headphones out there due to their popularity and demand. The ones I bought were through this Amazon page.

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