Crown Gear Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Are $60 workout gloves worth it? At first I would always buy Golds Gym gloves at Walmart $10. They do their job and they fit well. The only issue is the gloves don’t last that long and the stitchings will tear apart. So I decided to put a little bit more money and invest in something more expensive that will last longer. When shopping online and looking at reviews the Crown Gear Weight Lifting Gloves caught my eyes. They were red and black design. Almost reminded me of gloves Tekken characters would wear. Who doesn’t want to look like a Tekken character?








IMG_20150623_055253After three months of wearing and no tears.



  • Great build quality. After three months of wearing, all the stitching are intact.
  • Fits well.
  • Genuine Leather
  • Has wrist support
  • Easy to take off with the pull of strap in the middle.
  • Not many people in the gym will own these gloves so you wont ever get your gloves mixed up with someone else.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Price
  • If you never had padded gloves, it’ll take a little bit to get use to.
  • The leather wrist strap does stretch over time like all other gloves. I wish the velcro part was a little longer because of this.


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