Nissan Xterra TPMS

Is your TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) light on and you already tried the TPMS reset procedure? It might mean you need to replace your tpms. From what I read their lifespan ranges from 5 to 10 years. Sadly, my TPMS only lasted 6 years so I  decided to replace all of them.

Here’s how you determine if you need a new TPMS:

  1. If you turn on your car and the TPMS lights start to blink for a little and then stay solid. It means that your TPMS sensors are not connecting to the TPMS system. You can try to do a reset procedure to connect it and turn off the warning lights. If the lights turn on again it probably means that your TPMS sensors are low on battery and needs to replace.
  2. If you turn on your car and the TPMS lights stay solid. You are lucky!  It means that your tires are low on air pressure and needs air.  Just fill it up with air and then make sure all the tires are the same correct pressure and you’re all set to go.



VDO SE10001HP TPMS good for the Second Generation Xterra and many other cars

I bought the VDO SE10001HP REDI-Sensor from Amazon.  I took it to Costco and had them install the sensors and program it. You can also use relearn procedure  to program them if needed.  They all function well and I do not have any issues so far.

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