[SOLVED] Dota 2 static, cracking, and broken sound

I decided to reformat my computer and reinstall everything. Usually when I reinstall Steam, it’s an easy process.. When I finally did open up Dota 2, the music and character talk was all static sounding. At first I thought maybe it was the sound driver or video driver.  I tested this out by playing a  random YouTube video and it played fine. Which makes me think this is only isolated to Dota 2. What I’ve tried:

  • Reinstall sound driver. No change.
  • Reinstall my video driver. No change.

What worked to my surprise was the “Verify integrity of game files” feature in steam:


Step 1

Right click the Dota 2 in the library and the click properties

Step 2

Click “local files” tab and then click “verify integrity of game files”

Step 3

Wait until it’s done validating.


For me, after the files were done validating it says I had 198 instances of files that were invalidated. It re-downloaded those files and when I opened Dota 2 the crackling noise disappeared.

[SOLVED] Internet speed slower on a Mac than Windows

I was helping my friend again with his Mac he complained his internet speed is not as advertised. I went ahead and tested my internet speed via Ethernet and I resulted 250 Mbps from fast.com When testing his Apple iMac Pro I only resulted in 50 Mbps via Ethernet. I was baffled, I went ahead changed/checked the following:

  • Changed the MTU. No improvement
  • Manually set IP. No improvement
  • Changed Ethernet cable to a fancy CAT-7 cable. No improvement
  • Checked to see if there was any malware or viruses. None.
  • Nothing was downloading.
  • Checked if there was any issue with the writing speed on the SSD. Writing speed was good.

The breakthrough was when I decided to ping to google.com on my Windows laptop. What I realized was that I was getting IPv6 from google.com instead of IPv4.

So I decided to go back into the Ethernet settings and enable IPV6 since it was not enabled

Steps to enable IPv6:

  1. Apple menu
  2. System Preferences
  3. Network
  4. Choose your connection type. For me it was Ethernet
  5. Advanced Button
  6. Select the TCP/IP
  7. Change the Configure IPv6 drop-down box from Off to Automatically.


After enabling IPV6, I speed test the iMac and to my surprise it was finally getting 200+ Mbps. I decided to turn off IPv4 and use IPv6 alone, but unfortunately that did not work. So I left IPv4 on. Most likely when he configured his network, he accidentally enabled IPv6. At the same time I’m pretty baffled on why IPv4 is slower than IPv6.Almost 4x as slow. Maybe he configured his network wrong and so the IPv4 takes a longer route to respond? Or maybe IPv6 once enabled has a higher priority than IPv4? I decided to leave it as is since he was happy the internet was finally up to its advertised speed. Hopefully, this post becomes helpful for someone with a similar issue.

Best, Cheap, Reliable, and honest hosting for WordPress? Try NixiHost

Before I started this blog I was searching for a WordPress hosting company. The one’s I’ve used before were cheap in the beginning because of their “introductory rates” but eventually became too expensive when it came time to renew.  I didn’t want to start the next Google or Amazon. I just wanted a blog and didn’t want to spend that much money on it. I didn’t even know what I was going to do with this blog so why go all out? I decided to do my research and came across this company called NixiHost from /r/webhosting from Reddit. Prices were low, no gimmicks, no introductory rates, just honest and simple pricing.

Easy WordPress Installation

I decided to start with the basic hosting and was so surprised to find out how easy it was to start a WordPress. I remember the old days, back in 2008, where I had to download files from WordPress.org and then upload it onto my personal web host. The process took a good 2 to 3 hours of frustration since I was new to WordPress, web hosting, and FTP. Luckily with NixiHost I simply went to my cPanel, software tab, and then clicked on Softaculous Apps Installer. Once that page opens you can click on WordPress and it’ll painlessly give you an option install and setup the application.


After being a customer of NixiHost for 3 Years I had I’m happy with their webhosting. Their support team is always knowledgeable and helpful whenever I needed them. Amazing uptime and no surprise fees or pricing hikes.  If you want to sign up with NixiHost, click here.